Below-the-Hook Products That Can Set Your Lifting Operation Apart

The lifting industry is not just about machine strength. Success in this business also requires precision, planning, endurance, poise, and training. In a highly competitive market that faces increasing pressures on a monthly basis, only the fittest lifting operations will continue to thrive in changing economic headwinds.

In addition to the competence and experience of your crew, your equipment is the largest differentiator between your lifting operation and the competition. Investing in material that is built to stand the test of time by a leading supplier with an illustrious reputation will help ensure your machinery runs smoothly. In short, you need the best and strongest assets in order to thrive in the lifting business. Here are some of the most important components that will help you achieve that goal.

Wire Rope

Cut to precision lengths in dozens of diameters, customized wire rope can help bring your operation to the next level. For more than 50 years, the team at Southwest has been helping the industry’s biggest players outfit their facilities with the best wire rope in the business. Our technicians can work alongside you to help determine the optimal thickness and orientation for your operation.


Not all chains are created equal. Every chain is tested to ensure it lives up to the Southwest legacy. Our team is familiar with every major type of chain configuration and linkage, so we can help you secure heavy loads and maximize your lifting potential while keeping your crew safe.


Synthetic round and synthetic web slings are the crucial components that keep your operation tightly bonded while remaining fluid and flexible. With various colors, lengths, and strengths available, the possibilities are quite literally endless.

Custom Hardware

Tie everything together with components that are perfectly suited for the unique lifting demands of your team. We can custom fabricate:

  • SPA Shackles
  • Alloy BTA Shackles
  • Sling Shackles
  • Drop Forge Malleable Clips
  • Double Saddle Clips
  • Thimbles
  • Turnbuckles

These essential integrations of your below-the-hook device can be made in a variety of finishes with galvanized carbon or alloy steel.

Stand Out with Custom Lifting Gear

When it comes to lifting gear, every sling, strap, link, wire rope strand, and piece of hardware is vital to the overall success of the operation. Investing in customized below-the-hook products that are expertly fitted to your unique needs and capacity will help make your facility safer and your equipment more effective.

Southwest Wire Rope: Your Lifting Industry Partner

The professionals at Southwest have been serving the needs of the rigging and lifting industries with an unwavering dedication to quality and excellence for years. If you are in the market for industry-leading lifting gear, or need your system inspected by a certified inspector, turn to the pros at Southwest Wire Rope. We look forward to answering your questions and forming a lasting partnership. For more information, browse our service offering and get in touch.