How to Ensure Your Lifting Gear Meets Code

Lifting hundreds of tons of material on a daily basis requires a lot: high-quality gear, a competent and well-trained team, efficient systems, and a drive to succeed.

Due to the nature of the industry, the regulators at OSHA and other regulatory bodies also require a lot. In the lifting space, safety always comes first. Meeting the codes that govern the operation of your plant or rig are in your best interest…but this can also be a time-consuming and difficult task.

In order to stay in business and run at maximum capacity, your lifting gear needs to be meeting or exceeding code at all times. Here are some tips for handling this simply and effectively – so you can focus on getting things done.

Start with the Right Equipment

When it comes to lifting gear, one faulty sling, strap, link, wire rope strand, or other piece of hardware can put the entire operation in jeopardy. Investing in equipment that is built to stand the test of time and is backed by the quality and reputation of a leading supplier will help ensure your machinery runs smoothly. Codes were developed in the first place to protect your crew from dangerous breakage, equipment wear, and malfunctions, so starting with the best materials is the most effective way to ensure you’re always in line with recent codes.

Break Test Your Wire Rope

A destructive or “break” test measures the tensile strength of wire rope by using magnetic and hydraulic arms to pull opposite ends of the rope apart. The test continues until the wire strands begin to fail, and eventually, the wire rope gives out. This is an extremely loud and dangerous endeavor – a break test should never be conducted without the proper equipment and certifications. Work with an industry provider who can conduct a wire rope break test using specialized equipment in a safe and controlled setting. The results of this test will be printed on a load testing certification, which will help you satisfy regulations.

Get an On-Site Inspection

When it comes to your health, you trust the expert opinions of medical professionals to give you a diagnostic update after performing the relevant tests. In the lifting industry, on-site inspection services serve the same purpose for determining the health and safety of your operations.

Working with a provider who offers on-site inspection services will keep your lifting gear in check. A qualified inspector will issue reports and grades on the strength and condition of your lifting gear, so you have a clear idea which elements need replacing. Regulators mandate these inspections as well, so scheduling the inspection in and of itself is necessary to meet code.

Know Your Safety Protocols

Every rigging and lifting operation is required to furnish and maintain a comprehensive set of safety procedures that regulate the facility, its equipment, and the personnel involved. If your team has grown, you have brought new equipment into service, or your operational procedures have changed, your safety protocols need to be updated to reflect this. In addition to updated manuals and emergency procedures, educating your staff on the fulfillment of these duties is vital. An incomplete set of protocols or an untrained staff is grounds for immediate shutdown, so consult with a lifting industry provider for guidance on development or updating of your plans.

Southwest Wire Rope: Your Lifting Industry Partner

Keeping your lifting gear at max capacity while satisfying the regulations of OSHA and other regulatory bodies is not something you should pursue alone. Partnering with a full-service provider who can offer in-depth product knowledge and inspection services will save you hours of confusion and stress when it comes to meeting code.

The professionals at Southwest have been serving the needs of the rigging and lifting industries with an unwavering dedication to quality and excellence for years. If you are in the market for leading rigging and lifting gear, need your system tested, or are simply looking for an expert opinion, turn to the pros at Southwest Wire Rope. We look forward to answering your questions and forming a lasting partnership. For more information, browse our service offering and get in touch.