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Professional Rigging Experts in Dallas

For nearly 60 years, Southwest Wire Rope has been the best professional rigging service in Dallas. We take pride in our diversified product lines, which include wire rope slings, shackles, thimbles, chains, nylon slings and more.

Our inventory of wire rope is, quite simply, Dallas best. We carry a full range of constructions and diameters that exceed buyer expectations. In other words, we’re in the business of professional rigging, made for professionals.

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Leading Wire Rope Supplier in Dallas

For a wide assortment of quality wire rope products, you’ve come to the right place. As the best wire rope supplier in Dallas, we’re your ticket to success in all your lifting and hoisting endeavors.

For wire rope of a variety of strengths and sizes, as well as the slings, chains and hardware your project requires, look no further.

Southwest Wire Rope continually exceeds the expectations of the Dallas market. Find wire rope that is the right size and strength for your project today. Contact us now and discover what professional rigging can be.

The spools of Southwest Wire Rope Gold Strand 100 steel cable made by Southwest Wire Rope