The Ins and Outs of a Straightpoint Load Shackle

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The Ins and Outs of a Straightpoint Load Shackle

Straightpoint load shackles allow you to measure and monitor loads in lifting and rigging applications. They are an excellent safety measure to incorporate into your rigging as they replace traditional shackles in order to provide accurate weight measurements, enhancing safety. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using straightpoint load shackles.

Straightpoint load shackles are equipped with load sensors that provide real-time weight measurements of the load being lifted. This sort of oversight ensures that loads remain within safe working limits and helps prevent overloading, giving you and your crew peace of mind as you work.

Built to withstand demanding environments and heavy-duty applications, straightpoint load shackles are typically made from high-strength materials. With a construction of alloy steel, they are designed to provide reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

Many Straightpoint load shackles utilize wireless technology – such as Bluetooth –  to transmit load data to a remote display. This enables operators to monitor load measurements from a safe distance and improves overall convenience and flexibility.

Some load shackles are equipped with data logging capabilities, allowing them to capture load data over a period of time. This data can be analyzed later to identify load patterns, assess the performance of lifting operations, and support safety and compliance reporting. All of which will help to lead to a safer, more productive worksite.

Load shackles often include load limit alert functionality, which trigger warnings when the load approaches or exceeds the predefined limit. This feature helps prevent overloading, protecting your crew from potential danger.

Straightpoint load shackles are calibrated and certified to meet industry standards and regulations, ensuring their accuracy and reliability. They may comply with recognized standards such as OSHA, ASME, DNV.

If you are ready to put the power of data to work on your jobsite, reach out to Southwest Wire Rope today! With Crosby straightpoint shackles, you will be able to use real-time data to ensure your crew is safe and that your jobsite is working efficiently. We have adapted to every technological change in the nearly 60 years we have been in business and we are proud to make the generation of rigging equipment available to our customers.

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