Wire rope is arguably the most important asset that a rigging equipment provider can supply. It forms the backbone of every operation, helping to execute every lift and move heavy loads with precision and security. Without wire rope, the rigging, overhead lifting and securement industries couldn’t meet demands.

For these reasons, it is absolutely crucial to make sure wire rope is properly maintained. Storing wire rope safely and intentionally will help lengthen its working life and improve the safety of your daily operations. Keep reading to discover the key considerations and tips for storing wire rope.

Wire Rope Spooling

The best method of storing wire rope is on a reel. This helps to maintain the shape and function of the rope over time by avoiding kinks and tangles, which can damage the integrity of the rope and reduce its safety and usefulness. Reels also help centralize wire rope into space-efficient units that can be transported and even stacked.

Once spooled onto a reel, it will be simple and easy to remove the desired length of wire rope when needed. Whether you are working with drilling rigs, cranes or winches, we recommend that you have your wire rope installed and removed by an  experienced professional.

Conditions and Safety

Wire rope is a vital piece of equipment, and it should be stored as such. Water, salt, dust, steam, temperature extremes and chemical fumes can wreak havoc on the structure and strength of wire rope. Therefore, store your wire rope supply in a cool, dry, covered, and well-ventilated place. An  indoor location is best, but if you must store wire rope outdoors, make sure it is covered with waterproof material.

Additionally, make sure no part of the rope is touching the ground, and that the base of the wire rope reel is elevated at least a few inches in case of flooding. Water immersion can cause the wire rope to corrode and its lubricant to wear off. . When in doubt, check with your rigging equipment provider about wire rope spooling to ensure it is done right.

Rigging Inspections

Inspections of various pieces of rigging equipment are required by law on a regular basis – and wire rope is no exception. Work with your rigging equipment provider to have your wire rope inspected if it has been stored for an extended period of time. A full-scale rigging inspection can also help you determine where and how to store your wire rope on the front-end of a project. A qualified rigging equipment inspector will be able to address the quality and condition of all your rigging and lifting gear, furnishing detailed reports on their findings.

Work With Wire Rope Experts

At Southwest Wire Rope, our team has been serving the needs of the rigging, overhead lifting and securement industries with unwavering excellence for 56 years. If you’re searching for a rigging equipment provider, wire rope spooling and storage help or a certified inspector, turn to the professionals at Southwest Wire Rope. Our experienced team can provide insights and recommendations for the type of wire rope, end fittings, hardware, and operational procedures that best suit your facilities and equipment. We look forward to answering your questions and forming a lasting partnership. For more information, browse our service offering.