Today’s rigging operations are expected to perform at their best around the clock. With demand surging and enormous growth forecasted for the industry, the main concerns are often lift capacity, output, and production time. However, when heavy machinery and powerful devices are involved, safety always comes first.

At the core of any reputable rigging operation is a dedication to the safety and security of its crew. At the end of the day, your people will determine the performance of your rig, so you need to protect them.

From the rigging professionals at Southwest Wire Rope, here are 5 key components of a safe and effective rigging operation.

The Right Team

Rigging equipment is complex and advanced, but it still requires qualified professionals to run at its best. Your team members are your most important asset, so choosing a crew that is situationally aware and intentional in their actions goes a long way in creating a safe environment on the rig. Every worker should know the standard operating procedures for safety-related events and always put the safety of their colleagues ahead of performance.

The Best Equipment

We’ve all heard that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In the rigging business, one faulty sling, strap, link, or wire rope strand, or piece of rigging hardware can jeopardize your entire operation. Investing in equipment that is crafted to last and backed by the quality of a leading supplier will help ensure your machinery runs smoothly and your crew is protected from breakage or equipment wear.

Tests and Certifications

Instead of relying on the intuition that your rigging operation is safe, you can have peace of mind by proving it. Working with a rigging services provider who can offer Proof Load Testing, Break Testing, and on-site inspections will keep your rigging operation certified to the industry standard. To schedule a test today, click here.

Safety Protocols

When you first went into the rigging business, you were undoubtedly required to develop a comprehensive set of safety procedures that relate to facility management, personnel, and equipment operation. As your team has grown and your inventory has changed, it’s important to keep your safety protocols updated. If you need help developing safety procedures tailored to your rigging operation and equipment, get in touch with the team at Southwest today.

An Industry Partner

Keeping your operation safe yet productive is not an endeavor you should pursue alone. Partnering with a full-service provider who can offer years of industry experience and in-depth product knowledge on every piece of specialized equipment will save you hours of confusion and stress. As your operation changes to meet current demand, work with a provider who can help outfit, secure, and optimize your rigging and lifting facilities with special attention to the safety of your crew.

Southwest Wire Rope: Your Rigging Partner

The professionals at Southwest have been serving the needs of the rigging and lifting industries with an unwavering dedication to quality and excellence for years. If you are in the market for leading rigging equipment, need your rigging system tested, or are simply looking for an expert opinion, turn to the pros at Southwest Wire Rope. We look forward to answering your questions and forming a lasting partnership. For more information, browse our products and services or contact a rep today.