How Southwest Wire Rope Upholds and Defines Industry Standards

Over the past 56 years, the rigging, overhead lifting and securement industries have changed dramatically. With the advancement of technology and digitization of data, alongside more capacity and power in today’s machines, the industry has reached a new level. Increased demand and economic pressures are pushing today’s rigging operations harder than ever before, and around-the-clock productivity has become the norm.

While the past six decades have ushered in sweeping changes, some things have remained the same. For that entire time, Southwest Wire Rope has remained a stalwart rigging equipment provider with a reputation for quality and service. We’ve been providing rigging inspections, testing, and the strongest wire rope on the market for years – and we have no intention of slowing down. Here’s how we continue to uphold and define industry standards.

Uncompromising Service and Testing

To ensure that each facility and piece of operating equipment is up to code, rigging inspections are required by regulators. At Southwest Wire Rope, we employ a team of certified inspectors that can investigate every aspect of a rig, from the heavy machinery down to the shackles. With attention to detail cultivated by hundreds of years of combined rigging experience, our inspection team offers industry-leading guidance and professional recommendations. Reporting from TESSALink asset management software adds to our comprehensive service offering.

In addition to routine inspections, the Southwest Wire Rope team also performed destructive (break) testing of up to 1.7 million pounds from two separate locations. Need field spooling? We provide on-site installation and removal of wire and synthetic ropes on drilling rigs, cranes and winches. Through our steadfast commitment to raising the bar, we make sure our clients are meeting and exceeding all industry requirements.

Strong and Reliable Equipment

A close up of Southwest Wire Rope in machinery.

At our core, we are rigging equipment providers, and we strive to strengthen our offerings and expertise on a daily basis. In 1983, we introduced our trademark proprietary brand of wire rope to the market, characterized by an iconic gold strand. Nearly 40 years later, “Gold Strand” wire rope is still recognized as the strongest and most reliable wire rope on the market.

Additionally, we have a complete offering of wire rope fittings, synthetic and round slings, chains, and other rigging hardware. We pride ourselves on being experts in the rigging equipment space, providing not only the tools to get the job done, but also the guidance to do it right.

But we don’t stop there. If one of our clients needs a skip pan, spreader bar, or other custom lifting device, we maintain a large inventory of heavy equipment for rent. We continue to reinforce excellence in all we do through the provision and outfitting of cutting-edge equipment solutions.

A Reputation for Excellence

Finally, we continue to sharpen our skills and cement our place in the rigging industry by defending our reputation as the top rigging equipment servicer and provider in the industry. With every rigging inspection we complete and every client request we field, we seize the opportunity to build upon decades of excellence and provide exceptional products and services. Our team never shrinks back from the challenge. On the contrary, we relish the ability to enter new projects with the weight of a 56-year reputation on our shoulders. The responsibility to uphold and further this legacy informs everything we do – from the largest repairs, to the smallest reports.

Tap into the Legacy with Southwest Wire Rope

Our team has been serving the needs of the rigging, overhead lifting, and securement industries with an unwavering dedication to quality and excellence for over half a century. If you’re searching for a rigging equipment supplier, or need your system inspected by a certified inspector, turn to the professionals at Southwest Wire Rope. Our experienced team can provide insights and recommendations for the type of wire rope, end fittings, hardware, and operational procedures that best suit your facilities and equipment. We look forward to answering your questions and forming a lasting partnership. For more information, browse our service offering.