Custom Solutions: Tailoring Wire Rope and Hardware for Unique Needs

One of the best ways to boost performance on your rigging site is by customizing your wire rope and hardware. Not only do custom solutions help operations run smoothly and efficiently, they also keep workers safe and compliant. Does your job site have the custom equipment it needs to succeed?

Tailored Wire Rope

Quality custom wire rope can mean the difference between a successful project and a failed one. Rope can be customized through a number of factors, including strand configuration, core type, wire size and specialized coatings or fittings. Consider the needs of your project – how flexible, corrosion-resistant or able to withstand the elements does your rope need to be?

The environment you are working in can also affect how you customize your wire rope. For example, in marine applications, weight plays a critical role, which means that rope used in this environment should be incredibly durable and able to withstand underwater conditions. Galvanized aircraft cable (GAC) wire rope needs to be both strong and flexible for industrial lifting projects; factors such as diameter, length and the number of strands in the rope can affect this to varying degrees. If you are unsure about which wire rope would best suit your project, reach out to a rigging expert today.

Tailored Hardware

Like wire rope, rigging hardware that is not tailored to your project can make your site dangerous, inefficient and substantially delay projects. Hardware such as hooks, swivels, shackles and hoists can be engineered to handle load distribution, lifting heights, load capacities and environmental conditions to keep your site performing optimally.

Again, consider your project before customizing your rigging hardware. For work that requires precise alignment, a hook or swivel can provide the needed rotational freedom. If you have to lift an extremely heavy load to a great height, hoists can be customized with amplified safety features. The length of a spreader bar can be tailored for optimal load distribution, and attachment points can be modified by integrating specialized connectors or fittings, such as custom swivel hooks, eye bolts or lugs.

Custom Inspection and Maintenance

The last thing you want to do is reduce your equipment’s lifespan after putting in the effort to tailor it to your project. That’s why it’s so important to perform regular maintenance and inspections on custom wire rope and hardware, just as you would a standard piece of equipment.

Implement a comprehensive inspection schedule and always remember to follow manufacturer guidelines while maintaining your hardware and rope. When in doubt, reach out to your rigging equipment’s manufacturer – they know it better than anyone.

Straightforward Custom Rigging Solutions

You have a lot of work to do, which means high-performing, efficient, safe and reliable rigging equipment is a necessity for your job site. By requesting custom solutions, you can ensure all of these things, and more.

Southwest Wire Rope is here to get your project off the ground. We supply wire rope, fittings, slings, chains and more in a variety of strengths and sizes. Our on-site inspection services can help you identify which custom equipment would most benefit your site.

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